Meet Laura!


"Let food be thy medicine"


Laura's life and healing journey centers around food (hence the "It's All About Food" theme and headline). Over 15 years ago, she suffered from a debilitating chronic illness that would change her life forever. She quickly discovered that healthy food choices and natural alternative therapies were her path to healing. From this experience, she decided to help others and went back to school to get her Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy.

Today, Laura's entire focus is helping others through the lens that food is foundational to optimal health and wellness. It is not only through this focus but Laura's personal experience and knowledge in Traditional Naturopathy, Kangen water, and decades of gardening experience that bring a unique and highly beneficial perspective to helping each client that she works with. 

As an educator, speaker, and author, Laura takes every opportunity to

talk about health and wellness through formats including podcasts, blogging, vlogging, and speaking engagements. 

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#gardening  #naturopathy  #Kangen

✓My Life Experience: Chronic Illness began 2006

✓Work experience with chronic pain clients in therapeutic         

    massage practice

✓Experience with developing detox/nutritional programs

✓Experience as a case manager for developmental disabilities

✓Experience in Non-profit with Fibromyalgia focus

✓Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy (ND)

✓Gardening Consultant/Coach

✓Kangen Water Machine Distributor


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