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Meet Laura!

Some of my fondest memories are from the time I spent with my mom in the garden and making huge delicious salads out of the freshly picked vegetables!

Times have changed but I have never forgotten those memories nor have I given up on my love and passion for gardening.  Each and every year is an opportunity for learning, growth, and the creation of more memories. 

I love what I do. I consider it an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to create beautiful garden designs for clients and to teach them all about the gardening life. 


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40+ Years of Gardening Experience

Certified Gardenary Garden Consultant

Traditional Naturopath

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Kitchen Garden Expert

In the Kansas City area, I am a pioneer in offering gardening design services, education, and public speaking centered around what I call the "Garden Life".



Inspiring the Garden Life

My Mission is to give you the tools that are necessary to accomplish your goals of growing your own food at home.

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Design and One-on-One Consultations and Keynote Speaking:

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"Gardening is the shared experience of Nature"

~ S. Kelley Harrell

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