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7 Steps for Success: Warm Weather Vegetable Seeds

Are you ready to grow some delicious warm weather vegetables in your garden? Look no further because I've got 7 simple steps that will ensure your vegetable seeds will not only thrive but provide you with a bountiful harvest!

Make the Right Choice

This may seem obvious but always check to make sure that the seeds you are purchasing are for the warm weather season. If you purchase from the store, a lot of times they will put out all the seeds for the entire growing season. You'll have a mix of cold, cool, warm, and hot season seeds! Look to make sure your temperature range is for the warm weather range of 65°F to 85°F (18°C - 29°C).

Start Seeds Indoors

I always start a few of my warm weather seeds indoors. By doing this, I’m getting a head start on the growing season. Seedlings need lots of light, warmth, and moisture and as they grow, I transplant them into larger containers.


Check out my YouTube Video “How to Start Seeds: The Basics and Beyond” for more details on starting seeds.


Direct Sowing