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8 Steps: Direct Sow or Planting Seeds in the Garden

Updated: May 11

While gardeners may have their own unique approach, gardening always involves a series of steps that share more similarities than differences. Let's look at the steps to direct sow your seeds in the garden!

Digging in the Dirt
Shovel, Dirt, and Chives

When you "direct sow" in your garden, you're skipping the step of starting your seeds indoors and planting them straight into the soil. Here are 8 steps on what you need to do when you direct sow your seeds:

Reading back of seed packet
Directions on Seed Packet

STEP 1: Pick the Right Time

Your best friend for information is the back of the seed packet! This is a helpful resource that provides all the information you need to know: recommended air and soil temperature along with how many weeks before/after the last frost date you should be planting.

STEP 2: Find the Right Spot

I may sound like a broken record here (LOL) but once again, the seed packet will provide the necessary details of whether your plant requires full sun or shade, and which type of soil is best suited for plant growth.


STEP 3: Prep the Soil

Getting your soil ready for planting is super important! The nutrients, water, and air that your plants require are all provided by your garden soil. Without the proper preparation of your garden soil, your plants may fail to germinate, or they might struggle to become established in the garden.

Soil preparation is pretty simple. You need to remove any rocks, debris, and weeds from the soil. In addition, loosening up the top 2-3" of soil and then adding 1-2" layer of organic matter (compost or aged manure) will not only add nutrients and beneficial organisms to the soil, but it will also improve aeration and drainage.