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Asparagus In My Smoothie?

Yes, you read that right!! I DO put good old Asparagus in my smoothie!

Why?? Well… obviously as someone who is into healthy stuff and smoothies...because it not only provides a super rich source of dietary fiber, it also contains vitamins like C,K, and E, and minerals like iron, phosphorus and potassium!

As an avid gardener, It’s always great to have an Asparagus plant because it is a perennial plant! ( one less plant to plant every year..YAY!) And after it’s first harvest, it will produce spears for 15-20 years.

Other interesting facts about was used in the past as a laxative, treated toothaches and poor eyesight, and it helped alleviate PMS, migraine, and hangover symptoms.

Quite an interesting and unique veggie, wouldn’t you say?

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