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Did You Save Seeds?

In a previous blog post, we talked about using heirloom seeds. Every year we save our heirloom seeds for future planting.

Why save heirloom seeds? A few reasons to save is not only save money but it’s easy and fun to do, we can share them, and we have the key to quality plants!

Buying seeds and transplants for the garden, especially a large one, can add up and when you choose heirloom seeds, they have a tendency to be more expensive. Saving heirloom seed allows you to cut costs and save money.

The actual process of saving seeds from most plants is fairly easy to do so how can’t you love that?!! (check out our next blog to see how to do it)

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Every year our garden improves in plant quality because we always take seeds from the best plant(s) based on their characteristics of flavor, productivity, and hardiness.

The last and most important reason to save seed is so we can give back to others and share what we have! There is always more than enough to share with others!

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