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Direct Sow... Here We Go!

Here in zone 6, we are still dealing with the "bumpy" weather as I like to call it! "Bumpy " meaning one day you have 70 degrees and the next it's snowing while every day in between is cold and blustery!

Direct sow or planting seeds directly into the ground can happen for some plants in the early part of the season.

A week or two before the last frost date, you can plant the following seeds:

carrot, parsnip, beets, radishes,

sugar snap peas, Swiss chard, turnips

Lettuce greens like arugula, cress, mustard, leaf lettuce can also be planted.

After the danger of frost is gone, corn, beans, and squash seeds can also be directly sown into the ground.

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Directly sowing seeds not only provides a great start to the growing season but it gives the avid gardener, who has been waiting for months, a chance to get outside and get something planted!

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