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Does Garlic Have a Neck?!

Most people know what garlic is and how it tastes. But to those of us that grow it know...

There is more to garlic than what you buy at the store!

There are two types of garlic in the world: hardneck and softneck.

So I guess you could say… Yes, garlic has a “neck”???!!!

Hardneck garlic grows well in colder regions and are closer to wild garlic with complex flavors and large cloves. These garlics are like wines where you compare the subtle differences in flavor that reflect regional soil and weather patterns.

Hardneck garlics get their name from the edible flower stem called a garlic scape that turns rigid at maturity. Garlic scapes are considered a

delicacy that can be pickled, grilled, made into pesto or added to a range of food for their mild peppery garlic flavor. Hardneck garlic can be cured and stored for 6-10 months.

Softneck garlic, unlike its counterpart, have fewer cloves, is more mild in taste, is great for storage and it grows well in warmer winter regions. This is the type of garlic that is carried at the grocery store because it stores for a long time and it is generally mild in taste. Softneck garlic doesn’t have a central stalk or “neck”. Instead, it has leaves which remain soft and flexible at maturity.

Oh garlic, how we love thee!

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