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Easy Soil Refresh

Updated: Feb 26

Now is the time to refresh your soil for a last fall planting or prepare your garden for next year.

There are a few easy “no dig” ways to get this accomplished.

1. Remove dead plants and debris

Remove dead plants, leaves, fruits, and etc.

2. Leave plant roots in ground

If you are not planting in the area, leave plant roots in the ground to let them

decompose over the winter. This will add nutrients back into the soil.

3. Gently loosen up the soil

Lightly loosen up the top layer of soil. Don’t dig. The purpose is to keep the soil

intact as much as possible in order to prevent disturbing the soil life below!

4. Add organic matter

Add a top layer (2-3 inches or more) of organic matter.

Best choices include compost or a topsoil that is rich in organic matter.

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