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Fall Preparations and Planning

The fall season ushers in preparation for winter and planning for

next year’s growing season. Here are a few tips on how to prepare and plan;

  • Get your soil tested at your local extension office and add the amendments they recommend.

  • Rake leaves and use them for either compost or use as a mulch in gardens.

  • Plant trees, shrubs, and cool season annuals and divide and transplant spring blooming perennials.

  • Save seeds; organize and store in paper envelopes and label with plant name and year. Store in airtight containers and store in cool, dark, and dry location.

  • Dry or freeze herbs.

  • Dry, freeze, can, or pickle vegetables and fruits.

  • Plant garlic and shallots and cover with leaf mulch.

  • Go through notes from this past growing season to plan out what plants to grow for next year.

  • Research resources for heirloom seeds and transplants for next year.

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