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Flowers in Your Veggie Garden ?!

I always get the question.. What is that vivid blue flower and why is it in your veggie garden?! That vivid blue flower is called a “Starflower” also known as Borage.

Borage is a self-seeding herb that has many uses in and out of the garden. It’s flowers and leaves, when young, are edible and have a mild cucumber-like flavor. Borage is good for the bees which in turn is great for the garden! It can also be used as a companion plant with strawberries, squash, and tomatoes in addition to being a deterrent for those nasty tomato eating hornworms (pictured)!!!

I had hornworms once, about 10 years ago, and they destroyed my tomatoes. I was at first skeptical about planting Borage but once I tried it, I will NEVER plant tomatoes without it!!

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