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Garden Prep for Fall Vegetables

Now that your summer vegetables are starting to wind down, it's time to get your garden ready for the next step.... fall vegetables!

Here are a few simple chores to do before you plant your last seeds and seedlings for fall;

  • Clean and clear up any weeds, spent plants, or debris from the garden.

  • If the soil is compacted, loosen it up!

  • Work organic matter into the soil to revive it. Organic matter includes compost, composted manure, leaf mold, peat moss, coir, and any other plant or animal remains or waste products.

If you want to go a step further, test the soil pH. Soil pH needs to be within a certain range to give plants access to nutrients.

The soil pH is dependent on the types of plants you will be planting. You can buy a kit at most garden centers to determine this. Once you know what the soil pH is, you will need to look at adding lime if the soil is too acidic or adding sulfur if the soil is too alkaline.

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