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Garlic Time!

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Now that October is upon us, it’s time to plant the garlic!

There are two varieties of garlic, softneck and hardneck. The “neck” of garlic is the stem of the plant. Hardneck garlic tends to grow larger, produces a garlic scape (an edible stalk that is great for pesto, stir fry, and etc.), is hardier in Northern climates, and has more of a complex flavor than a softneck garlic (softneck is what is in the grocery store).

Garlic is one of the easiest crops to grow! Like any crop, prepping the soil will give the garlic a good start. To accomplish this: prepare your garden bed with organic matter, compost, and an all purpose granular fertilizer.

Planting garlic cloves around mid-October will give it a chance to establish a root system resulting in a stronger and larger plant. After planting, cover the garlic with mulch. In colder climates, generally 3-4 inches of mulch will protect the plants. Mulch can be anything from wood chips to leaves and grass clippings.

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