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It’s All About Tomato Seeds!

One of my biggest garden planning decisions, other than what I’m planting and where, is what I am going to buy as far as tomato seeds! Some may respond “ just grab the tomato seed packet” at the big box store and plant it!! Oh how I wish!!!

I’ve been gardening for many years now (not going to admit to how many... LOL) and every year I take into account the variety and type of tomato I would like to plant.

My non-negotiable for the seeds I plant is that they are heirloom and organic.

My next decision is to look at the variety of tomatoes: grape or cherry, paste, sweet, or beefsteak. After the variety, I choose a color which can range from a deep crimson to orange, yellow, green, purple, and chocolate.

My final decision for tomato seeds is whether I want to grow a determinate or indeterminate type of tomato. Determinate type of tomato plants are usually a smaller bush type of plant that ripen early in the season and produces a lot of fruit at once. These types are good for canning and are excellent for container gardening. An indeterminate type of tomato plant is a large vining type of plant that produce fruit throughout the season. These types of plants need to be staked in the ground and are great for large garden areas or beds.

This year I will be planting three different varieties. I will be putting in roma paste tomatoes, yellow pear tomatoes, and a medium sized semi-determinate tomato called a Peron.

Stay tuned…. Next Blog Post: How to Start Tomato Seeds

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