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Lately, the word “juicing” seem to be everywhere! We’re not talking about that plain old bottle of orange juice at your local grocery store, instead it’s that expensive custom type of bottled juice you see in the refrigerator section at the store, or at the coffee shop, or at that pop up store which specializes in just juice!

Juicing is associated with words like “healthy” and “weight loss” and “detoxing”. It gives you all those options plus a great way to get some of your daily greens in or just a good substitute when you’re not all that hungry.

Have you ever tried to decide which juice to get?

There are so many choices! Unique ingredients like avocado, dandelion root, nettle and spirulina. By the way, how do you juice an avocado?! And don't get me started on juice combinations...

No matter where you are at, exotic juice and juicing are another ingredient to add to your health regimen. Stay tuned. We’ll talk about how to juice next time.

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