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Juice Chat - Part 2

Juicing is one of those things that’s pretty easy to figure out…. You get the produce, you put it in a machine, and taa daa … JUICE!!!

So that’s the process but here are some basics to keep in mind as you explore the wonderful world of juicing...

For optimal results, Organic produce is a good choice because its not only a good way to avoid agricultural chemicals but the produce contains a higher volume of beneficial nutrients (i.e. antioxidants). If organic is not an option, check out for their list of the “Clean 15”, conventional produce that have

a low pesticide load.

There are two types of juicers on the market. A centrifugal juicer where a mesh chamber spins and grinds the produce and a cold pressed “masticating” juicer where the produce is squeezed and crushed (masticating) to extract the juice.

When you compare both types of juicers, the centrifugal is the most common, less expensive, and has a little bit of pulp in the juice. A cold pressed juicer differs in that there is no pulp (yea!), has a higher volume of nutrients (because of the process), and the juice lasts longer (centrifugal introduces oxygen and heat to the juice which immediately starts breaking down the nutrients).

We’ll check out tasty juice recipes next time.

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