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#Zen Donkey Farms Juice

Okay so I have to admit, I am a juice nerd. So what does that mean? That means that I love juice! I probably should clarify that a little better for you.... I love juice fasting!!! Yes the word is out.. I love to do a juice fast.

Some folks find a juice fast to be difficult. I won't deny that it can be. Not eating for a few days can be a challenge along with possible side effects; for example headaches or flu like symptoms. In my opinion, the benefits far outweigh those minor temporary symptoms.

A juice fast can help with weight loss, better digestion, reduced pain and inflammation, more energy, clearer skin, and my favorite.. I (you) don’t have to fix dinner!!!

The nutritional benefits of the juice are PHENOMENAL! Depending on the type of juice, each bottle has vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from 2-4 pounds of fruits and vegetables. All of those nutrients flood the digestive system and they are immediately absorbed into the body. A one day juice fast has 5 to 6-16oz bottles of juice… that comes out to at least 10 pounds of fruits and vegetables! WOW!

I’ll be posting more about juice fasting here in the next few days. Check out my “Mini Juice Fasting Adventure” on my blog. I’m doing a 3-Day juice fast or as I like to call it a “Quick and Clean Detox”.

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