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Mini Juice Fasting Adventure - Breaking a Juice Fast

The most important detail to remember/know when coming off a juice fast is the fact that your body has shut down the digestive process. When there is lack of food, the intestines and the gut stop working in order to preserve the digestion process. So with this in mind, you will need to make a plan on how to get back to eating food!

Why plan after the fast?

My answer to the above question: Stress! Stress on your digestive system. The body has shut everything down, so jumping back in would not be “fun”! (Common problems: gas, stomach pain, diarrhea, etc.) I unfortunately had an undesirable consequence back “in the day” of learning! I didn’t understand the concept of stress on the system and thought that eggs and hash browns would be harmless! WRONG! My body let me know that it wasn’t happy!

The key to a smooth transition back to food is to go slow and pay attention to your body. Plan to take the first day or two after a juice fast to SLOWLY introduce easily digestible foods back into your diet. I usually keep drinking juices here and there (and of course water) but I slowly add in bone broth and start eating things like watermelon, berries, yogurt and vegetable soup. Eat several small meals throughout the day and chew your food well.

Congratulations if you did a juice fast!!! It has so many benefits that can help you. Make it become part of your lifestyle and do one at least once a year if not more on a schedule throughout the year.

Here’s to your health!!!

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