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Mini Juice Fasting Adventure - Day 1

(Please note: my "Mini Juice Fasting Adventure" is from the drinking just juice without the food perspective).

One thing that I like to share with people on Day 1 is that if you can make the choice to set your mind to success… you will be successful with the juice fast! With juice fasting, the first day is usually the hardest because when you stop eating, honestly, you get hungry! Hopefully for you, drinking juice every 2-3 hours with water in between will satisfy those hunger pangs. For myself, I lose my hunger after the first day and I've noticed that after that happens, I enjoy the juice even more!

My first juice to start my “Mini Juice Fasting Adventure” is called “Rescue”. This juice has celery, green apple, and lemon in it! Here are some of the benefits;

Celery is high in magnesium, iron, and natural sodium. Celery’s greatest value is that it has a high percentage of vital organic sodium. Organic natural sodium helps digestion, prevents dehydration, and helps clear up deficiencies in the body.

Green Apple not only helps detox the body but it aids in digestion, its great for your skin, and it helps improve the immune system.

Lemon is high in vitamin C, it can work against colds and flu, contains potassium which can help with heart health, aids in digestion, and stimulates the liver to cleanse the system.

Day 1 down…2 to go! Happy Juice Fasting!

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