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Mini Juice Fasting Adventure - Day 2

Wow! I’m at “Day 2” already?!!!

I love the juice fast because like I’ve mentioned before… you don’t have to cook dinner

(Woo Hoo)!!! What makes it even easier is if you use a juice company, they number them in the order you drink them (simply genius)! I love just opening up the frig to grab the next juice!

In addition to the juice fast, I spend 30-45 mins in the Far Infrared Sauna each day I'm on the fast. Far Infrared Saunas are specific to detoxing the body. As the body gets rid of the toxins through the fasting, the sauna helps give you another way to release more toxins through sweating.

Look at the pretty colors!!

So far, I don’t have any complaints because my juice fast has been uneventful. I’ve had a little bit of a headache which is a symptom of the body detoxing. What I’ve found in my past experience of helping people with juice fasting and detoxing is that the more you do it, the less you will experience symptoms. What does a headache tell me? It tells me that the body is cleaning out the toxins!

Tomorrow will be my last day of juice fasting. I’m already planning on what foods to start with as I gradually ease back into eating. My first foods will be bone broth in addition to some cooked carrots or other root vegetables.

"Talk" to you tomorrow!

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