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Mini Juice Fasting Adventure - Day 3

I am in the final day of my “Mini Juice Fasting Adventure” and I can say that I’m looking forward to getting back to eating. I’ve done many juice fasts over the past 5 years and each fast has had a different set of detoxing symptoms. This one was no different! My first day I had a headache and today, day #3, I’ve started out with being hungry !

Or maybe I should say “Hangry”??? LOL

Look at all the juice we drank!

What happens during a juice fast?

When you start on a juice fast, the body shuts down digestion. The juice from the fruits and vegetables immediately flood the body’s cells with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients (nutrients that provide health benefits). The nutrition from the juice provides the body with a plant based energy source that gives the body what it needs.

What are the benefits from a juice fast?

The benefits from a juice fast can include increased energy, weight loss, mental clarity, healthier and brighter skin, eases digestion, improves sleep, and it boosts the immune system!

Tomorrow I will share how to break the fast.

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