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Mini Juice Fasting Adventure - Prep!

Originally I was going to write about my own prep for a juice fast but thought it would be more helpful if I at least gave you some of the basics before I got into the “adventure”!!

Here it goes…

To be successful in life, preparation is the key. Preparing for a juice fast (detox) is no different. If you want to get the most out of the fast and get the best results possible, you must prepare for it.

What if you don’t prepare?

If you don’t prepare for a juice fast, you may experience detox symptoms to a greater degree than it would have to be or than is necessary. Some detox symptoms include headaches, fatigue, and upset stomach. ***For less discomfort, I would suggest that you prep for the juice fast.***

How to prepare…

(1)First and foremost, make sure your mindset is clear on why you want to do a juice fast. reduce inflammation, weight loss, jump start a diet, etc.)

(2)Starting 2-4 days before your detox; replace your foods, drinks, and lifestyle with healthier choices.

(3)Eliminate processed foods, caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. Increase your filtered water intake, introduce fresh raw organic fruits and vegetables into your diet (if possible) along with getting more rest and doing more things to create an atmosphere of relaxation (massage, sauna, read a book).

Let me encourage you that if you are doing the prep for a juice fast or if you’re finished and ready for your fast… YOU DID IT! THAT’S AWESOME!!!

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Juice provided by Zen Donkey Farms
The Juice Has Arrived!!!

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