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Popular Bulbs to Plant for Summer Blooms

If you missed the fall window to plant bulbs for spring blooms, you can still plant some bulbs in late spring for summer blooms. Here are 5 popular bulbs to plant NOW for summer blooms;

#1 Gladiolus(Glads)

I love Gladiolus because they are a tall, magnificent flower in the garden. Gladioluses are one of the most popular because of their tall "spikes" and they come in many colors!

Here are some popular varieties of Gladiolus.

Atom: a dwarf variety with spikes of miniature bright red flowers.

Black Beauty: a deep maroon, red flower with a dark center.

Blue Isle: a blue-violet glads with ruffled petals and a white throat.

Fiorentina: this is a bi-colored gladiolus with pink and white flowers that have ruffled edges.

Green Star: this is a very unique gladiolus that has green flowers with a white edge and

a dark center.

Lemon Drop: these are one of my favorites! They are yellow with a red center.

Peter Pears: these are peach-colored gladiolus with ruffled petals and a yellow throat.