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The Simple Seed Miracle

Now that Spring is here, planning and preparation for the growing season ahead is blossoming all over the place! (no pun intended! LOL) One of my favorite things to do is to go through all of my seeds and plan the season ahead as well as planting a few cool weather crops (snap peas, lettuce, onions, beets, radishes, carrots, spinach, and etc.).

As I was going through my "seed stash", I thought about how cool the seed is and how I get an opportunity to watch what I call a "miracle"!!! Think about it... you plant a tiny seed and with just the right balance of water, soil, temperature, and nutrients, that little seed sprouts and transforms into a mature plant that produces a flower, leaf, or food for us to enjoy! How cool is it to experience transformation first hand!

You may not be into gardening like I am but maybe for you, the take home is to look around at all the plant life that is starting to peak through the soil. Enjoying and experiencing a plant that once started out as a tiny seed... that is transforming right before your eyes could be a miracle, don't you think?

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