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The Weather Is Changing!!

I don’t know about you but for me, I am super excited that Spring is just around the corner!!

I am an avid gardener so once I see the smallest of green pop up in the garden, I get excited!! It’s the simple things that make the “dull and drab winter” disappear. As a person who loves to dig in the dirt, that first little green gem of garlic (pictured below) poking through the soil starts in motion a whole bunch of garden planning and prep work.

For me, my planning and prep happens as soon as the snow is gone and the temperature rises above 40. I’m out in my garden with a pitchfork turning the soil. I’ve got 12 gardening boxes to choose from, so based on my projected plan for the year, I first till the boxes that will be planted with early Spring crops. My next step is to amend the soil with the basics: compost, coffee grounds, and manure.

What do you do when Spring arrives?

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