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Time to Replant?

Springtime brings many “ to do” activities for the coming growing season. One I do

often is replanting my seedlings. My tomatoes are ready for their new home! They will graduate to a larger container with the same type of foundational soil. The larger containers not only help the plants grow but it also helps them to send out more roots which will produce a higher yield of tomatoes once they become a mature plant.

How about You?

I’m going to take some “creative license” and use the replanting metaphor for us humans! We grow and mature throughout our lives just like a plant. As we grow and change, we take our “foundational soil” (beliefs experience, mindset) and add it to a new and “larger container” (goals, challenges, or changes). By replanting, we are able to grow more roots (knowledge, experience, resources) in a certain area of our lives which can lead to producing a higher “yield” ( i.e. meeting others’ needs) in the world.

What do you need to “replant” today?

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