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Weathering The Weather!

It's always exciting to see seeds sprouting after putting in the work to build a raised bed, purchasing the seeds, planting the seeds, and hoping and praying through the ups and downs of the spring weather! I won't lie, gardening always has its ups and downs and if you can "weather the weather" or hold on through those cold-rainy-snowy-cloudy-sunny-warm days there is wonderful rewards in the bounty from all your labor!

I included the above picture of a client's garden. This is the perfect result of "weathering the weather"!!! At this point, the reward are the seedlings! My clients learned how to build a raised bed, put in the right soil blend, plant cool weather seeds, and care for their garden. Literally, the garden has been weathering the weather through the ups and downs! They have waited for 3 weeks to get to this point! There will be more opportunities through this journey, but the end result (sugar snap peas and onions) will be well worth the ride!

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