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What does CHANGING your LIFESTYLE mean?

I’ve been picking at the “diet and changing your lifestyle” theme over the past few blogs.

DIET is a BIG word in our culture. My guess is that everyone has done it at least once in their lifetime. Studies show that over 45 million people diet each year spending over 33 Billion dollars on trying to get slim and trim!!! That’s an incredible. What’s also incredible is that within 3 years, most people have gained the weight they lost back.

Changing your lifestyle, in my book, basically means *to live a healthier life. In future blogs, I would like to challenge YOU, the reader, to thinking about this statement*.

For now, think about changing to a healthier life by taking responsibility for how you treat your body, how you think, how you treat others, and how you connect to your spiritual self. All of those “hows” are the ingredients to the healthier life recipe.

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