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What is Naturopath???

Sounds like someone used their dictionary backwards... Naturopath is a philosophy that uses natural options to improve your health.

I was like most people who bought into the only way to health was to take prescription after prescription and never really get better. I started off innocently enough by going to the doctor for chronic headaches and the doctor prescribed 6 different medications. Then my health started on a free fall. I went in for muscle spasms and walked out thinking I needed something for high cholesterol - good grief!!!

My quest for a solution led me to explore Naturopathy. I began by adhering to an allergy free diet and sitting in an Infrared sauna. This and a desire to understand how my body functions led me to pursue a degree in Traditional Naturopathy.

I finally realized my dream to help other people by starting Beyond Basic Health to share my journey and my knowledge with others searching for a better way!

Beyond Basic Health

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