Practitioner Partnership


The "Practitioner Partnership" Program offers practitioners the option to have additional health and wellness support for their clients/patients. All good health plans need good follow up. In a busy practice, follow up can be overwhelming.


Health and wellness support are an integral part of the whole process. This support includes foundational education on wellness which includes nutritional and lifestyle changes.


  • knowledge and experience with chronic illness and lifestyle changes

  • professional knowledge and experience in case management and working in healthcare environments

  • follow up mentoring/general guidance opportunities

  • help in keeping the client/patient connected/engaged in the practitioner’s plan

  • redirecting the client/patient back to practitioner when symptoms arise

  • follow up /communication with the practitioner on a continual basis if needed

  • provides a resource for clients/patients

  • there is no cost to the practitioner - cost is solely incurred by the client/patient

  • discounted package pricing

Please call 913-548-8546 for more information